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Our Best Sellers

Original Slique Threads – 15-pack
  • $29.90
Original Slique hair removal starter box
  • $39.00
Original Slique Threads – 50-pack SAVINGS KIT
  • $79.90
Original Slique hair removal Starter Kit
  • $39.90

Slique, the Star Attraction

Thread away excess facial hair in the blink of an eyebrow (haha) with this easy-to-use hair threader system from Slique

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Read what our clients have to say about using Slique

...”I loved using Slique because not only that it’s fast, It doesn't hurt considering the amount of hairs it takes out, l love the fact that it doesn't irritate my skin and unlike tweezing my skin is not bumpy! furthermore, I don’t have to worry about tweezing the next day! My skin is clean and smooth and I feel sexy and good about myself!...” 

Vivian Villarreal

...”I like using Slique because it’s very easy to use, It’s fast, safe and friendly and it eliminates my need to go to a Salon and spend 65$ each month!” 

Samantha West

...”I like the convenience of using Slique, I can do it anywhere, doing almost anything. I Sliqued my facial hair, fingers, toes and my arms and it’s amazing to me how fast I was able to remove my hair and it doesn’t even hurt like waxing, you do feel a little sensation but it is definitely less painful....and absolutely easy to use following the simple instructions on the Booklet

Armi Gusman

...”No more pitch fuzz it’s phenomenal!"

Debora Manzano

...” After using Slique I found that hairs did not grow back as often and also it looks much smoother so on camera it looks a lot better”

Stacy Michaels

...”I am so happy with this product, I  am never going to use any other  thing!

Patricia Barauna Kelly

...”I loved it, I really did! You just go ahead and do it and the hairs just come off! It’s fast and it’s really easy...”

Kalani Bellofatto

...”I think women are going to love using Slique, it’s also non-toxic, that alone is huge to me! and It doesn’t irritate my skin, so for me this is the perfect product!”

Joan Wylie
Cool Skin … for the Cool You

Soothe your skin with our specially formulated paraben-free lotion that relieves and refreshes your skin before and after epilation, leaving you feeling radiant

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