The original Slique hair threading device makes it quick and easy to remove excess hair on your eyebrows, face, upper lip, and body with complete control, precision, and comfort.

Our threading hair removal system is based on the ancient art of threading and safely and gently removes excess hair.

This method of threading pulls hair out from the root to slow regrowth. And it is gentler on irritated or sensitive skin. Its compact and lightweight design makes it to use and to carry with you.

the Slique threading tool is design to work with high-tensile strength cotton that fit our machine perfectly and work with all types of hair styles and types.

    10 products found in Our Premium Collection

    Original Slique Threads – 15-pack
    • $29.90
    Original Slique hair removal starter box
    • $39.00
    Original Slique Threads – 50-pack SAVINGS KIT
    • $79.90
    Original Slique hair removal Starter Kit
    • $39.90
    Original Slique Threads – 5-pack
    • $19.90
    The Slique Original Threading Device
    • $29.90
    TIFFANY Tweezer By Rubis
    • $29.90
    The Slique experience ALL IN ONE Kit
    • $99.00
    The Complete Original Slique hair removal Kit
    • $179.90
    Original Slique hair removal Kit for Sensitive Skin
    • $79.90