threading instrument

What is the best threading technique?

Have you heard of threading? If you have, then you already know it is an ancient rooted (yes, pun intended) art of hair removal, very common in Asia and the Middle East region. Women in these parts of the world have been passing their mastering of hair removal using string, from each generation to the next. Up until recently, all types of the threading technique were based on two people: the one in need of hair removal and the one actually pulling the strings (no more puns, we promise).


This is no longer the case – Slique is a DIY (do – it – yourself) threading instrument that enables you to perform string facial hair removal on yourself, discreetly and without depending on the services of an aesthetician!

The best, most recommended threading technique is the one you feel most comfortable with. Threading should not cause unbearable pain or skin irritation. In order for it to go on smoothly (this was not an intentional pun – we keep our promises), you must be relaxed and that can be achieved only when you completely trust the one performing the threading.


With Slique you will be entrusting your smoothness into your own hands, literally. It was designed for performing threading in the most easy and comfortable way, with just one hand operating it.

If you have been waxing to remove unwanted facial hair, you know it is a painful process, which usually leads to skin irritation and even possible pigmentation lesions as well. With Slique you will experience no pain, no irritation  and no lesions – because it is quick, very precise and does not pull the skin itself, only gently pulls out the unwanted hairs. No collateral damage.


We are happy to see threading becoming a trendy technique in Europe and the United States – as more women are discovering the advantages of this efficient way to get rid of unwanted hair. With our newest development, Slique, you will be able to perform threading on yourself, with ease and in the comfort of your home. Thanks to Slique, you do not need having the technique of threading passed on to you by your mother, you just need to get your Slique and follow the simple instructions. As with any other instrument – the more you will use it, the better you will get at it and before you know it you will become a master in threading, performing it on yourself with ease, wherever and whenever you need. 


Slique is the most affordable way to having smooth, silky skin, without being dependent on anyone but you. We truly believe it is an amazing invention, one appreciated by many women all over the world. 

My name is Ossie Levi and I am an expert beautician, with years of experience in making women feel good and look good. I’ve mastered the technique of threading and have realized that there is a dire need among women to have the ability to perform threading even when they are “on the go”. That’s how Slique came to be. Slique is the most advanced DIY (do – it – yourself) tool for threading. You are more than welcome to read more about it by clicking here. Slique will make threading as easy as 1-2-3 and before you know it, you’ll master using it. Slique and all of its accessories can be purchased comfortably online – get yours now.