how to do eyebrow threading

How to do eyebrow threading? Guide to remove eyebrows with thread

Our eyebrows, those strips of hair above our eyes, that sometimes can be thick, sometimes they are very thin, and every few years something else becomes trendy. If you are one of those women who loves being trendy or just really cares about the way her eyebrows look and needs them to be perfect (don’t we all?), then this article is for you.

There are a few ways to make your eyebrows look perfect if nature did not make them for you that way to begin with. Some women use tweezers to PLUCK out the single brow hairs they wish to remove, some wax eyebrows unwanted hair – but we believe eyebrows done with thread are the most perfect you can achieve. 


Normally you would have to go to a beautician that has mastered the technique of threading to get your eyebrows done professionally, but those days are over now that you can just buy Slique and learn how to do eyebrow threading on yourself. It may sound complicated at first, you must be wondering how to practice eyebrow threading at home, but that initial fear will disappear once you understand what beauticians already know and what do they use to thread your eyebrows.

Any beautician that learns the art of threading will know how to thread other people’s eyebrows, but knowing how to thread someone’s eyebrows doesn’t mean you know how to thread your own. That’s where Slique becomes the secret star of the show – it will help you learn how to practice threading eyebrows, on others as on yourself. Basically, Slique eliminates the need to be highly skilled and enables anyone to use the wonderful technique of threading – on others and on themselves.

If you’re wondering about eyebrow threading how to do it, or in other words: how to remove eyebrows with thread, we are here to tell you that even though it seems a bit complicated at first, it is a very safe technique that has just become more accessible and risk free with the introduction of Slique. So, how do you do eyebrow threading? Easy, you get yourself a Slique and before you know it, you’ll be threading your eyebrows to achieve great results.


When you buy your Slique, you can get some really nifty accessories with it – a handy travel bag, a useful beauty box and more. Of course, you’ll also need threads. When you learn how to practice threading eyebrows and other parts, you will see how many threads you need and can but them on our website in batches of 5, 15 and even a 50 unit saver pack.

It was only until a few years ago that women could only dream of an easy, simple way to perform threading on themselves. There is something to be said about the intimacy created between two people with traditional threading and of course you can still do that. Slique was not created to put beauticians out of a job, it was created to allow you to be in full control of when and where you can have threading performed and thus you can choose between having it done by a professional or doing it yourself. The wonderful thing about Slique is that it frees you from worrying – going to the beauty parlor will be fun and pampering, no more emergencies that cannot be taken care of. You will become a master of threading in an instant and dependent only on your own availability. 

My name is Ossie Levi and I am an expert beautician, with years of experience in making women feel good and look good. I’ve mastered the technique of threading and have realized that there is a dire need among women to have the ability to perform threading even when they are “on the go”. That’s how Slique came to be. Slique is the most advanced DIY (do – it – yourself) tool for threading. You are more than welcome to read more about it by clicking here. Slique will make threading as easy as 1-2-3 and before you know it, you’ll master using it. Slique and all of its accessories can be purchased comfortably online – get yours now.