self threading

How to do threading for beginners

Have you tried the fabulous technique of threading yet? If you have, it most likely happened when you went to your beautician. Did it look complicated? Probably. There is a vail of mystery surrounding threading, it is regarded as an art and a skill, passed on amongst women in their family for generations. Imagine being able to perform threading on yourself – sounds impossible at first, right? Well, behold Slique – the ultimate tool for self threading.

If you are already acquainted with threading, the question of how to thread yourself must have crossed your mind before, and while threading different body parts might seem doable, how to thread your face yourself seems to be the main concern.


Believe it or not, you can quickly learn how to thread on yourself. Learning how to do self threading is not too complicated – just think of all the women around the globe that are using this technique. The biggest advantage you have over them is Slique – which they do not have, and you can easily purchase.

Your first and foremost need is to learn how to do threading for beginners, which means you’ll most likely start by threading your legs – they are easy to reach and to see. Once you master that, you will be able to thread more delicate and less accessible parts of your body. The biggest challenge, possibly, would be your arms. If you need two hands to perform threading, how on earth could you perform self threading to remove hairs from your arms? Correct – you need Slique! Since Slique requires only one hand to operate, you can use it on your own arms, and you have a free hand to help stretch the skin on your facial areas while using Slique on your eyebrows, chin, and other parts of your face. 

By inventing Slique we have made threading accessible to all women, regardless of where they live and who their ancestors are. The vail of mystery has been cast aside and now each and every woman can easily learn the art of threading and master it. This means you can be your own beautician, save loads of money and not be dependent on anyone else or their schedule when it comes to hair removal. Slique is your key to comfort and discretion while the cost is far less than any other form of treatment. 


Another big advantage of Slique is that it allows you to use threading on yourself, thus reducing skin irritation caused by most other hair removal techniques. When you buy your Slique it comes with a sense of freedom.

My name is Ossie Levi and I am an expert beautician, with years of experience in making women feel good and look good. I’ve mastered the technique of threading and have realized that there is a dire need among women to have the ability to perform threading even when they are “on the go”. That’s how Slique came to be. Slique is the most advanced DIY (do – it – yourself) tool for threading. You are more than welcome to read more about it by clicking here. Slique will make threading as easy as 1-2-3 and before you know it, you’ll master using it. Slique and all of its accessories can be purchased comfortably online – get yours now.