Which Facial Hair Removal System really Works?

Eyebrow grooming is an art form. While there are a handful of people blessed with beautiful arches, most people need to use a facial hair removal system.

 Though waxing and tweezing are the two most common ways to remove hair, facial hair removal threading is a better option.


What Is Facial Hair Removal Threading?

 The Hair threading method has been around for many centuries and lets you shape your eyebrows with a cotton thread. This eyebrow treatment requires you to pull cotton threads along the unwanted hair with a twisting motion. That way, hair is trapped in a lasso move and gets lifted out from the follicle.

 It’s ideal because it’s precise and natural. Threading can be used on many areas of the face, such as the sideburns, upper lips, and eyebrows.


What Are the Benefits of Facial Hair Removal Threading?

 There are various benefits of threading, especially when you compare it to other methods, such as shaving and waxing. The biggest perk here is that the results can last up to six weeks long. Threading removes the hair from within the follicle.

 The other advantages of using facial hair removal threading techniques include:


  • Less irritation
  • Minimal discomfort (when compared to other products and methods)
  • Can be used on very short hair
  • Quick process
  • More precision and accuracy


If you have sensitive skin, you likely know what shaving and waxing can harm it. It leads to bumps and irritation, but that doesn’t happen as often with threading techniques. Plus, it doesn’t hurt as waxing can!


What Facial Hair Removal System Should You use ?

 Slique is one of the most popular hair threading tool when you want to buy a threading facial hair removal system. It’s painless and comes as a full kit. Plus, you can buy extra accessories and components as needed to ensure that you always have the tool ready for action.

 As the threading process can be a bit challenging to master without tools, the proven technique used is simplified for home use With the Slique tool,  Since it uses a precision spring-action mechanism, you get the similarities of facial hair removal threading in the comfort of your own home.


Where to Buy It?

The only place you can get the Original Slique  

System is, Myslique.com, there, you will find everything you need. You can find the complete kit, one for Sensitive skin, and a starter kit .. Check out this Slique facial hair removal system that uses threading as its preferred method! It is really a blessing!