What Is Threading Body Hair Removal and Why You Need It?

Threading is an ancient method for hair removal. It started in the Middle East. Today, it has become trendy in the Western world and we all are coming around to thread body & facial hair.

 Threading requires A professional beautician to that rolls cotton threads over the hairline and loops it in a lasso move to catch and get rid of unwanted hair. One end of the thread is held between the teeth and the other in the left hand. That way, the middle part of this thread can get looped around the middle and index fingers of the right hand.

 From there, the loop traps unwanted hair and plucks it effortlessly from the skin.


What Are the Benefits of Threading Body Hair Removal?

 If you plan to get this service from a spa or buy the tool and do it yourself, you should understand the advantages of threading. Let’s look at them now:


  • Threading is healthier and friendlier for the skin than waxing or shaving. There’s no heat, pain, or pulling sensation when you use this method.
  • You don’t experience ingrown hairs when threading. This is a huge concern for shavers.
  • The method of hair removal is ideal for all skin types. Even if you can’t use laser hair removal because your skin is sensitive, threading can work for you!
  • It’s quick, safe, and relatively painless.
  • There are no chemicals used, so there aren’t negative reactions.
  • Results can last up to four weeks.
  • It does not cause pigmentation!


Do You Have to Pay Someone to Do Threading?

 This was a quite challenging technique to master. Spa professionals spend months to perfect it. Therefore, in the past it wasn’t recommended to do it at home.

 The issue most people had is that the threading treatment at a Salon was also expensive. You could find yourself spending up to $100 per month.

Unfortunately, , most people couldn't afford that1

Lucky for us all now there is an easier and more affordable way!

The Slique threading tool.


The Easy Threading Body Hair Removal System

 Slique is a versatile threading epilator, and you can use it to remove extra hair from your body & face, upper lips, eyebrows, and anywhere else. You have full control and can get precision results like you might find at a spa in minutes at the comfort of your home.

 It’s often considered the best threading body hair removal tool in the market, and it lets you do it yourself without having to go to a professional beautician. This saves you a lot of time and money.

 Where do you buy the threading body hair removal system?

This great tool and its threads& accessories are available at Myslique.com You can find various package deals offered, such as complete kits, options for sensitive skin, and more threads as needed!
Buy yours today and never shave or wax again!