how to do threading on your own chin

How to do threading on your own? Self threading unwanted chin hair guide

If you are new to the world of threading and have just started reading about it or watching tutorials on different websites, you must be wondering how to do threading on your own chin, right? You are absolutely right to be wondering because of all the places in your body, facial hair is the most challenging to handle yourself, when self threading chin in particular.

So, how does one use the art of threading on their own chin? At first you will definitely need a mirror and some angled looks, but as you get more acquainted with your own contours, as with the use of Silque, you will be doing this blindfolded. As a matter of fact, it will be much easier than using a pair of tweezers, since you will not need to pull a single stray hair each time, you will be catching all stray hairs – thin and thick – with several twists of your thread. Using Slique is really simple and that easy. 

If you want to get a feel of what it is like to thread a chin, of course you can always offer the services of your Slique to friends. It’s a great fun way to introduce them to the wonderful world of threading too. You will be amazed at how quickly you will master the use of Slique.. The device is designed to be very easy to use, thus leaving you just with the benefits of threading amongst which are the precision, effectiveness and one of our favorites: it causes no irritation or any other skin damage that can be caused using other methods of facial hair removal. Imagine a smooth chin, with no redness, in only minutes, at home!

Once you purchase your personal Slique, we are sure you will fall in love with it. You will become one more of many in our community of happy customers. Next, you will be browsing our website, treating yourself to our handy travel bag, in which you will be able to take your Slique anywhere you go. That is when you will truly realize how Slique has become an integral part of your life and beauty regime.

We welcome you to browse our products, get acquainted with Slique and its accessories and open the door to a new world of smoothness. 

My name is Ossie Levi and I am an expert beautician, with years of experience in making women feel good and look good. I’ve mastered the technique of threading and have realized that there is a dire need among women to have the ability to perform threading even when they are “on the go”. That’s how Slique came to be. Slique is the most advanced DIY (do – it – yourself) tool for threading. You are more than welcome to read more about it by clicking here. Slique will make threading as easy as 1-2-3 and before you know it, you’ll master using it. Slique and all of its accessories can be purchased comfortably online – get yours now.