Slique FAQ

Slique FAQ

What is the "Slique" instrument?

Slique is a revolutionary hair threading removal device. This device simulates the action of removing body hair as done usually by beauticians.

Now anyone can remove body hair with our great threading device in her spare time, easily and in just a few minutes.

Is Slique easy to use?

DIY (Do It Yourself) - slique is very easy to use and does not require any knowledge or skill for it. Anyone can do it!

How does the Slique device work?

Slique device is a mechanical device, designed to clip on a threaded wire that wraps around itself. With a simple press and release action on the handles,  the coiled thread moves from one end to the other, and the unnecessary hair gets "captured" in the thread and plucked.

What is included in the Slique package?

The Slique set includes a hard carrying case with a mirror, a cassette containing 10 threads for repeated uses, and a pamphlet with detailed explanations.

Can I use Slique to remove hair from all parts of the body?

In principle, it is possible to remove hair with a slique device throughout the whole body, but because of its small dimensions it is primarily designed for hair removal in small areas like facial hair, and is also excellent for your feet, hands and belly.

Note: it is not recommended to remove hair using your device wherever you can't stretch the skin tight with your other hand! For example: The lower part of the eyebrow, the eyelids.

Does the hair need to be a certain length in order to be able to remove it with slique?

Hair threading removal methods are known that the thread allows you to remove hair at the moment it appears above the skin surface. The thread passes over the skin and captures every hair that lies above it. Therefore, once it grows the hair above the skin can be removed with a slique device.

How often should I use slique?

Frequency of using a slique device depends on the frequency of hair growth, therefor changes from one person to the other.

It is recommended to use slique on a regular weekly basis rather than waiting for growth, to keep skin smooth and hairless and minimize the pain that accompanies hair removal in an area of dense growth.

Is the thread wrapped in a slique device made from standard cotton yarn?

The thread wrapped in the slique device is a special thread carefully chosen after examining dozens of threads, to provide professional, efficient and easy use.

How do I replace a thread in the slique device?

We have prepared a video for you that demonstrates step by step how to replace threads in the slique device:

I'm slipping the wire according to the instructions in this video but it is too short and comes across, what can I do?

This is perfectly normal! The yarn looks like is too short when trying to put it, but the process dragged him to the ovary, which should spring tension during the laces and bead wire to reach the other side of the device, you should definitely pull the thread gently but firmly and place the bead in place.

Can I order Threads only when the primary Threads supply?

A slique system provided additional cassette containing 10 threads for reuse, but when it is running out of stock, you can certainly buy more threads for use.

The threads cassette contain 5 threads each. You can order the threads cassette in our website as well.

We do not recommend that you use another thread, since the degree of effectiveness of the device will be reduced.

How often should I replace thread on Slique?

The replacement frequency depends on the amount of thread used in your device, use the thread expands and spending and its effectiveness. Sometimes the thread also snapped and need to be replaced. The thread should be wound on the device for maximum efficiency.

Note: Slique comes with a threaded wire already installed. This thread may be less effective and even torn too fast and it's due to being threaded on long flexible device becomes corrupted. In this case, you need to replace thread and continue using the appliance.

How can I pay for my purchase?


Credit Card (Thourgh PayPal Gateway Payment Method)

What is the return policy of the company

Innovative cosmetics stands behind its products and allows you to return the product to 14 days from the date of its receipt

For more specific information please read our Terms & Conditions

Innovative Cosmetics company is the exclusive distributor of a slique?

YES - Innovative Cosmetics company Ltd. is the sole responsibility of the original slique device.

If you have bought a similar device from various coupons sites or these and other cosmetics, please know that you have bought a product that isn't original and marketing by Innovative cosmetics, products that have been tested by us and not enough quality and usually these devices are ineffective! Please note! Innovative cosmetics company is responsible only for the products purchased on this website.

We cannot provide a service for products purchased in places that aren't allowed to Slique marketing!