What Is Smart Eyebrow Shaping?

The Smart eyebrow shaping is of course the threading hair removal method, it is a more gentle (and friendly to your skin) way to remove hair. it is more precise shaping and less pain and irritation than if you waxed tweezed or shaved. The best part is it’s organic and chemical-free!


The Technique

 Eyebrow threading was developed many centuries ago in the Middle East and is known to be the first hair removal method practiced in the world. The idea is that you can remove , a whole line of hair in one stroke,  going row by row to shape your eyebrows.

 Luckily, we can find newer tools available to purchase that easily thread body and facial hair, the bikini area, legs and arms as well as upper lip, eyebrows and other facial areas with unwanted hair.


How Does Smart Eyebrow Threading Work?

 It’s typically a quick and simple process. In the past, you had to sit in a chair and look at the ceiling while your esthetician used thin polyester or cotton threads. Those got doubled and twisted. Then, they worked with their hands to grab the unwanted hairs that got caught between those small loops and pulled them out from the roots.


Are There Benefits for Threading?

 Smart eyebrow threading is highly beneficial when compared to, shaving, and waxing. Here are some of the advantages:


  • You don’t come in contact with your skin, so there are no infections, cuts, or unwanted skin removal.
  • Threading can remove several hairs at once instead of one at a time. That way, it saves a lot of time and they all grow back simultaneously.
  • It’s very precise, so you get shapely brows quickly.
  • There’s little discomfort, though the area could be sore or red for an hour or so.
  • Maintenance is also easy. You could tweeze between treatments , but you don’t usually have to.
  • As this method is actually plucking the hair by the root, it lasts between 6-8 weeks without needing to touch it!


Can You Do It Yourself?

 The process itself is could be challenging to master, especially if you use the thread and your own hands. Pair that with the fact that you would need to use a mirror to see what you’re doing, and most people believe they can’t do it themselves.

 Many spas and estheticians offer this service, but it can get costly. Sessions can be anywhere from $25to $65, and you have to pay for that each time you need to pluck your eyebrows. Most people do it once every five weeks, but some have to go in as often as every two.

 Mind you, Today  there is an at-home use device  that’s similar to traditional threading, called "Slique"

 Smart eyebrow threading with Slique gives you the same salon-quality results at the comfort of your home. Slique is a special threading epilator, and the device is easy to use.,
You can find it at Myslique.com with various packages available to suit your needs.