Threading: Traditional facial hair removal method is still the best

Whether you have dark and thick hair growth or even a lighter, more delicate plume, facial hair can be an aesthetic irritant for many women and may even be detrimental to one's confidence. With over 93 percent of women dealing with this phenomenon, we are definitely in good company!

The good news is that many cosmetic treatments and technologies are on the market these days giving us a plethora of hair removal options from which to choose.

But are all these cutting-edge hair removal solutions, including laser, the best treatment for our delicate facial skin?

Sometimes, despite the variety of technologies available, a traditional and simpler method is still the best. This is definitely the case when it comes to threading. This technique still offers the most effective and healthy results.

Here are 5 reasons to choose threading over other facial hair removal methods:

  1. Threading is safer for your skin. Plucking hair from the root with a thread is not aggressive such as laser, wax and chemical peel methods. The thread catches just the hair, leaving your skin unharmed during the immediate treatment. It does no long-term damage as well.
  2. Threading is cheaper. This natural treatment is significantly cheaper than routine clinical or cosmetic treatments at a salon. It requires only a spool of thread and a professional cosmetician, plus the results last several weeks.
  3. Threading is suitable for sensitive skin. Women who have had experienced adverse results from other methods, who are dealing with other conditions, such as acne, or who are taking skin-related medication have benefitted from threading with no ill side effects.
  4. Threading is an excellent supplement to other treatments. Threading in between laser or infrared treatments does not interfere with those methods and helps maintain smooth facial skin in the meantime.

As a cosmetician who focused on threading and studied its origins, I wanted to help women achieve great results at home, in their spare time, for less money than going to the salon. These are the reasons I invented Slique - a DIY threading device. Why not give women the ability to use this best method at home on their own terms?

Slique is a user-friendly handheld device that takes the ancient method of facial hair removal with thread and puts the power of threading into your hands.

This natural and traditional method undoubtedly beats technology. And it is certainly helping women stuck at home right now during the coronavirus pandemic who cannot get to a salon!