How to Epilate with Thread – Everything You Need to Know

An epilator threading machine can be another great way of removing unwanted facial hair. It is an automatic machine that typically runs on batteries. Epilation is the act of removing the entire hair from the hair follicle.

 Waxing your eyebrows is also known as epilation. Although it is a known method to cause damages like pigmentation and irritation to your skin. A good epilator can mean less pain and worry-free hair extraction.

 Now sometimes, an epilator threading machine can be pretty expensive so you might look at finding other ways to remove hair.


How to Epilate with Thread 

 You can use a simple thread as the perfect tool for hair removal technique, By twisting the thread and creating a sort of pulley effect, you are making a homemade epilator.

 It is  best to use of cotton or polyester thread when doing this. Look for the thinnest and strongest one you can find (that does not contain Nylon) That is the most commonly used thread, and you won’t have any problems with cotton breaking.

 Alternatively, you can use the Slique epilator threading machine if you do not have the patience to learn how to epilate with thread.

 Here is a step-by-step guide on how to epilate with thread.


How to Epilate with Thread at Home

 First off, recognize the benefits of using threading. It is less painful, less intrusive and does not cause pigmentation like other methods. 

 Next, you need to gather the right tools for the job. You only need three things for the process, and luckily you can find them at home.

 It would be best if you had a small comb. It helps to brush eyebrows or facial hair into a position perfect for threading. You should also have some tiny scissors to cut the cotton that you purchased for threading at home.

 Now, most experts recommend that the thread is 100 percent cotton. Suppose you can’t do that; maybe it’s best to get something as close to 100 percent as possible. Cut your cotton thread to the length of around 24 inches. 

 Make sure to mark out the shape you want to thread your eyebrows. You can use a makeup pen to do this. Now, use a makeup brush to move the hair you are going the thread.

 Using the same scissors you used to cut the thread, you can lightly trim the hair that stands out from your eyebrows.

 Tie the thread together on both ends and fold it into itself. It’s time to tie the line, so hold the cotton in both hands with palms up and twist the middle of it a few times.

 Keep going until you are happy with the tension, and then it’s time to test your thread. Move your one hand away from the twist, and if it moves toward your other hand, you have done it right.

 Now you can go ahead and test it on your eyebrows. Line up the thread so that it is in position to remove your hair. Test it over a small area first, and if it’s successful, you can move on to the other regions.

 Be sure not to overdo it when you are just starting. Overconfidence can often lead to mistakes. As you perfect your threading technique, it becomes easier to trim your eyebrows and facial hair.

 Caring for the treated area is always essential. has the perfect hair removal care lotions called: COOL SKIN that can suit your needs. If you don’t feel like threading by hand, you can also use the Slique face hair threading tool.