Achieving 'mask chic' eyebrows during corona!

Masks bring out the best — and worst — in our eyebrows. With masks now mandatory almost everywhere in the world, the first thing we notice about a person is what's located above his or her mask.

Hence, creating “mask-chic” eye frames is now a priority for many. As the “Brow Boss” at my salon, I've always noticed eyebrows and have worked to create gorgeous brows for my clients. But with many salons still closed, the stress of maintaining healthy and aesthetically pleasing brows is incumbent upon you to do it yourself.

Fear not, you can bring out the best in our brows on your own. And I’m here to help with that! I've long been on a mission to help women succeed with DIY cosmetics, saving time and money while achieving great results.

I see this as a great opportunity to draw positive attention to our eyes. Here are a few easy tips that can help you get started:

1. Work in good lighting

That may sound like a no brainer, but we often underestimate the power of good lighting. Good lighting allows you to perform clean and aesthetic design work more efficiently. Good lighting will ensure symmetrical shaping and help you catch hairs that are trying to hide from you. Sunlight works as well if you don't have powerful enough lamps.

2. Trim eyebrows before designing

Your office scissors will not make the cut, so to speak. In order to perfectly shape the eyebrows, you need professional eyebrow shaping scissors otherwise you will end up with uneven lines. Comb your brows up first then trim any hairs that extend above the brow line. After your first run through, reassess and either trim some more or remove stray hairs with tweezers.

3. Invest in good tweezers that come with a magnifying glass

Tweezers with a magnifying glass will provide another line of defense against hard-to-see hairs. Pairing excellent lighting with the ability to see better – crucial to get at those light, wispy hairs – will allow you to do a thorough design job.

4. Find the shape that complements you - not the latest celebrity craze 

It is easy to follow trends and draw inspiration from influencers on social media, but remember that what suits others may not be right for you. Eyebrow design is an art and is based on a number of parameters including brow thickness, desired eyebrow shape and facial structure. Choose a design according to what complements you and supports your unique self. Your natural shape is usually the best starting point and you can expand on that with design and color.

5. Sketch your desired eyebrow shape on paper first

After you’ve decided what shape complements your face, draw it on paper. It is good to have a reference as you are shaping so if you get lost along the way. Tape your sketch to the mirror so you can follow along easily.

6 . Work on your eyebrows after a bath or shower

The skin will be more supple and flexible. The warm water softens the eyebrows, allowing you to control them, not vice versa. Eyebrow design requires precision and meticulousness. When the hair is softer and the skin more supple, it is easier to shape the eyebrow.

Keep in mind, if you are using a pencil on your brows, blend in the color and use wispy strokes to get a natural effect. You are on your way to gorgeous lashes that can shine above your mask ... and even long after we no longer need one! You got this!