Slique, the latest technique in DIY Hair Threading

Slique, the latest technique in DIY Hair Threading

For you ladies out there who are tired of spending $60 every six weeks or so for a visit to the salon for a facial hair threading treatment, there is MySlique.

If you’re a veteran hair threading customer, you probably know all about the procedure. If you’re not, threading is a way of removing facial hair that has literally been around for centuries, and was first developed by women in ancient Asia to remove undesirable facial hair.

The procedure of threading involves a string of thread about 20 inches or so long. The ends are then tied to make a circle, which the threader then twists. The threader then places the twist on the line of hair to be removed, and opens one side of the double loop. This causes the twist to move in the opposite direction, pulling the hair out by the follicle as it moves. The action is very quick, and as such is virtually painless.

Becoming a skilled threader takes years of experience, and the procedure is relatively new here in the west, so finding an experienced threader is almost impossible in anything but the largest of cities. Then, there is the price. While the only thing the threader uses is a length of cotton thread to perform the procedure, customers can be handed a bill of upwards of $60 for their visit. You can try and learn yourself, but performing the hair threading removal process on yourself can be difficult and have embarrassing results until you become an expert at it.

So, how can you get modern, salon-quality threading results without the trip to the salon?

Slique is the hottest new threading tool on the market. It is a cheap method for hair removal, because you’re not paying for the salon service, but you’ll receive salon results. Because Slique operates via a tweezer-like motion, it can be used easily and effectively the first time, and users can get those salon-like results without the salon. Threading is excellent for skin sensitive to other hair removal products and cosmetics, because the only thing that touches it is the thread, and only briefly. Because the hair is pulled out from the direction opposite of growth and it happens so quickly, there is no irritation or pain!

Slique works by containing the twisted cotton thread inside a cassette, which slides easily into the tool. The user’s hands then grasp the comfortable grip handles and squeeze, which causes the twist to move from side to side. Simply place the twist along the line of hair you want to remove, squeeze, and see the results for yourself! Women who use the threading method never go back to anything else.