Slique, the Best DIY Threading Hair Removal Tool you can find!

Have you tried other at-home hair removal products, only to be disappointed with lackluster results? If so,Slique is for you. No salon, no aesthetician—cheap, but get pro results!

In the past, hair removal at home options have been very limited and very painful. Tweezing pulls single hairs out of the follicle much like threading does, but because of the time it takes and the ease of pulling at the skin women find their skin becomes angry and inflamed, sometimes bleeding, in no time. Also, it is difficult to properly sanitize tweezers, and open bleeding wounds from tweezing result in unsightly scabs and can even become infected.

Waxing is another popular method to get no hair on the face, but it is easy to burn yourself with hot waxes, especially in sensitive areas like underneath the eyebrows. Whether using hot wax, cold wax, or sugaring, the topmost layer of skin is removed along with the product and hairs. When this happens, the waxed skin becomes instantly irritated. Also, this is incredibly dangerous for women taking acne medications like Accutane or those that contain Retinol, hydrogen peroxide, or fruit acids, or for those with circulatory problems or conditions such as diabetes. Women under a doctor’s care using such products or with such conditions are told to avoid waxing completely.

Shaving is simply out of the question, so that leaves us with epilator creams. These chemicals are harsh to the skin, smell terrible, and work intermittently at best. Chemical burns on the skin can result, as well as rashes and other uncomfortable irritations. Is this the best we can do? Absolutely not.

Slique is simply the very best way to hair remove at home. Slique is the revolutionary new home hair threading tool that provides users with a cheap, extremely effective, and pain-free way to:

Slique works just like tweezers, but instead removes hair quickly and painlessly by pulling the hair out with a piece of twisted thread. A modern twist on an ancient art, Slique allows women to easily remove facial hair at home with no aesthetician, no salon visit, and no huge bill.

Slique is the best decision for all types of women. Hair threading is sanitary because the only thing that touches the skin is the twisted part of the looped thread, and then only briefly. There is no heat, no smelly creams, and no breaking of the skin, so you can’t burn yourself or end up bleeding, swelling, or with a rash.