Slique PURIF'ique Dead Sea / Sea of Life Cleansing Milk All Skin Types Facial Treatment

Slique (TM)

Slique PURIF'ique Dead Sea / Sea of Life Cleansing Milk All Skin Types Facial Treatment

Slique PURIF'ique Cleansing Milk is richly formulated from specially chosen 15 dead sea minerals and trace elements to work on all skin types. PURIF'ique gently removes make up and cleans the skin while avoiding the drying effects of soap. In addition to Dead Sea minerals and trace elements, PURIF'ique contains Avocado, Broccoli, Cucumber, Parsley, Ginko Bilboa and other bothanical extracts well known for their skin enhancing properties.

  • 15 Dead Sea Minerals and Trace Elements
  • Removes make-up without drying skin
  • Botanical Extracts known for enhancing skin
  • Formulated for all skin types

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About Slique | Hair Threading Removal System

Fast, Inexpensive, Painless and Easy Hair Threading Removal System

Slique | What is it?

Slique is a device that “holds” the thread exactly like the professional aesthetician, enabling you to preform
a threading hair removal on your own.

Watch the video and see how Smart & Simple it is:

As you press Slique’s handles, you can see the looped thread move as the Slique applicator handle opens.
Unlike tweezing one hair at a time, Slique efficiently removes an entire straight line of hairs, all at the same time…
leaving the skin hair free and smooth. Even baby-fine, hard to see hair and coarse, heavy hair! Slique was invented
so that women all over the world could perform threading at home without the need of a salon or an aesthetician. 
Now you can remove hair safely and easily any time a stray hair pops up from cheeks, chin, forehead, upper lip,
arms, legs…even fingers and toes.

Hair Threading

Threading is a time honored method of hair removal, it works by having the twisted thread loops capture
and remove hairs from the follicle.

Threading has a lot of advantages: It’s precise, it’s fast, and it’s clean, Plus it doesn’t irritate the skin like waxing.
Threading has always been popular in Asia and the Middle East, where the ancient art is taught from generation to generation. 

Recently, hair threading removal, has become trendy in Europe and the United States.
Threading salons are popping up everywhere and more women are discovering threading and getting hooked on it!
Until now, threading was a two-person process limited to those with skills in the ancient art. NOW with Slique you can do by yourself from the comfort of your own home!

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