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Shipping & Delivery Slique

Slique is a great product - so we share it with Everyone, Anywhere!

We ship our products worldwide with USPS.



For Canada and other countries the shipping prices depends on the package wight - so our system calculates the items you chose and generate the shipping price on the checkout.

For example:

1 x Slique Threading system (0.625lb) First Class Mail
USA Free shipping
Canada $8.99
International $13.99


If you want to check the shipping price before checkout it`s simple:

Add items to your shopping cart > Click on "Shopping Cart" on the right top corner of the page > Click "View Cart" > Choose "Estimate Shipping & Taxes"

Delivery Time:

Delivery Time (Business Days)
  First Class Priority Express
USA 2-9 2-3 1-2
Canada Varies by destination 6-10 3-5
International Varies by destination 6-10 3-5


Important Information:

Please note: When order originally was made with "Free Shipping", the shipping expenses will be deducted from the refund amount in case of issuing refund \ return..